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Who developed the product?
ScanWorld System Europe developed Mariner5 and Scan-Sea through years of intensive research and testing. The company has successfully developed diagnostic systems for the automotive industry before entering the watercraft market. After the success of ScanSea Mariner5, our team of dedicated and experienced engineers further developed and created the hardware platform, known as iDS, to be used with four different applications (Scan-Snow, Scan-Land, Scan-Sea and Scan-Marine).

Who is ScanWorld System US Inc.?
ScanWorld System US Inc. (SWSUS) first established itself as a PWC repair shop in 1999 and since has become the authorized importer and worldwide Distributor for all products from the European manufacturer.

What is ScanWorld System US Inc. goal?
Our goal is to offer products that mainly focus on helping Repair Businesses, around the world, to become competitive in their market. We supply cutting edge hardware technology combined with state of the art software for several applications. Our customers’ businesses benefit from high quality products, timely delivery, and innovative technology as well as customized services.

What is included when I purchase ScanWorld System products?
The foundation of the system is the iDS hardware and is delivered in a durable plastic case, along with USB and RS232 cables. The KPS hardware is a separately apparatus specific to Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo products and is purchased separately, but is used in conjunction with the iDS to reset keys. Each software package is also sold separately (Scan-Sea, Scan-Snow, Scan-Land, Scan-Marine) and includes all the connector cables that are currently available for brands and models at the time of purchase. (see Makes & Models table) Future updates requiring new hardware/cables must be purchased separately.

Who provides support for the diagnostic tools?
Scan World System US Inc. offers pre- and post- sales support to its customers as well as free 2 years technical support and unlimited free software updates from date of purchase.

Which manufacturer and models can be diagnosed with the diagnostic tool?
All available manufacturers and models are shown in our availability tables.

Does the software work in different languages?
Yes. Each software package (Scan-Sea, Scan-Snow, Scan-Land and Scan-Marine) is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian and Suomi.

What are the diagnostic system requirements?
ScanWorld's diagnostic software uses Windows as its platform (Win98, ME, XP, VISTA and Windows7(32*) drivers are included with the software). The Windows system has to be installed on the computer "local Disc C:". Your computer must have at least one USB port.
*32Bit operating system only

When can we expect the updates?
ScanWorld System programmers and engineers are constantly developing the software for new applications. As an independent provider of diagnostic tools, we do not receive support or help from the manufacturers which obviously delays the delivery of new updates. For your convenience, we have added a table which lists those software applications which are available. The table will be updated frequently and we ask that you check back often to see if the application you need has been made available. You will also receive notifications via email when a new application/software update is available for download.

How do we get our software updates?
Every customer needs to register their purchased products in order to receive the personal user name and password. Registered users are able to download latest software updates directly from our web site. Please check this page frequently for updates. Notifications of important software updates will also be sent directly to the registered purchaser by e-mail.

Can the ScanWorld System diagnostic tool substitute BUDS or other manufacturer's tools?
Yes and no. SWSUS respects the fact that manufacturer's tools are typically the best to use if you have access to them. Unfortunately, non-dealers are unable to buy diagnostic tools directly from the manufacturer (e.g. Bombardier). Therefore, ScanWorld System products are the next best alternative with similar results. Even before independent diagnostic tools were developed, independent shop owners share a real concern about their future in their repair business. As the vehicles became more and more electronically equipped, the harder it would be for shop owners to service these units. Our goal is educate fellow shop owners about this new alternative to maintain and increase their business, which would allow for further diagnostic product development.

What is the difference between the ScanWorld System diagnostic tool and the manufacturer's tools (e.g.BUDS)?
The basics are the same; Scan-Sea, Scan-Snow, Scan-Land and/or Scan-Marine scans the vehicle and delivers the data via cable and the Intelligent Diagnostic System (iDS) to your computer. The software diagnoses and shows complete vehicle data including faults (can also be reset), settings, service and total hours (can also be reset), live data and last but not least actuators (to check for example fuel and air injectors, fuel pump, beeper, etc.). The Key Programmer System (KPS) makes it possible to program and delete keys (lanyard) to the vehicles. Only processes that require a software downloads (available from the respective manufacturer only) cannot be performed (e.g. ECU replacement).

Can Scan-Sea, Scan-Snow and Scan-Land program keys for Bombardier products?
Yes, the Key Programmer System (KPS) makes it possible to program and delete keys (lanyard) to the vehicles. Can-Am products do not require the KPS.

Can the ScanWorld System diagnostic tool program keys for makes other than Sea-Doo?
Not yet. We’re working on certain options.

What is the difference between Mariner5 Scan-Sea and iDS Scan-Sea?
General handling and results are virtually the same. The main difference is the more advanced hardware that allows iDS to work with all brands and models (listed in the Makes & Models tables) without additional hardware. Mariner5 on the other hand, needs additional hardware (adapters) to perform the same process. Mariner5 is limited to one software (Scan-Sea) only . However, ScanWorld supports both systems equally.

How about Honda?
The engineers are currently testing and checking the possibilities.

Will I be required to buy every new connector cable?
No, you decide if you need to buy it. If you don't work on certain brands or models and you don't need the connector, just don't purchase it.

Is it possible to run ScanWorld's System software with other manufacturers hardware (e.g. BUDS)?
No. ScanWorld System software is an independent, totally new development and has no connection to any manufacturer whatsoever.

How can we use ScanWorld System tool, are there limits?
No, every user can use the complete functionality of each application. ScanWorld System is asking every customer to use the product wisely and in a proper manner. PLEASE do not use the tool to satisfy your customer even though you did not perform the service. For example, please do NOT reset “Maintenance Hours” if you did not perform the service. Do NOT program a key (Lanyard) without proof of ownership. As a professional, it's important to conform to the same set of rules that applies to Dealers.

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